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Welcome to the IFG Agent Planning Program

A New Program Exclusively For The IFG Team!

As insurance agents and advisors, we are constantly meeting with people and doing our best to put them in a better place at the end of the day.  We go about this methodically and meticulously day by day, year by year. Aside the challenges we face on the business side, one of the toughest things about being self employed is setting aside the time and money to plan for our own retirement. 

That's why we are excited to launch the IFG Agent Planning Program! This program was specifically created to help the IFG agents and advisors map out a plan for their own retirement.

There are 2 main areas that the IAPP program will address:

Financial Planning

Investment Management

By far, the biggest reason people fail to have enough money for retirement is the lack of having a plan. Just as your insurance agency needs a roadmap to success, so does your personal and financial life. All participants in the IAPP program will start to create a living breathing Financial Plan with the assistance from a professional Investment Advisor.

Your personalized Financial Plan will allow you to create a written roadmap to help you plan for the following: 

Savings Goals

Debt Reduction Plan

Kids College Fund

New Car


Buying a Home

Travel Budget

Social Security Maximization

And so much more....

In addition to creating a Financial Plan, Innovative Wealth Management will help you manage existing investment portfolios or help you create and fund a new one. Wether it be an IRA, Individual 401k or SEP IRA, we will help advise which one makes the most sense for your individual scenario. Once the account is open and funding has begun, Innovative Wealth Management will then create your investment portfolio and professionally manage it based upon your individual goals and objectives.

We believe this program will be the most comprehensive investment and planning platform available to insurance agents and advisors in the industry. Don't miss out on the opportunity.

The first 100 Agents to register will receive 50% off the normal monthly price of $134. So for only $67 a month, you can start on the path to financial independence!

Fill out the form below to start the registration process.

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